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Keeping track - it's never been so easy. Thanks to our smart Inside Monitoring Solutions you know right away when you need to take action.
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So you always know how your animals are doing - wherever you happen to be. With the app, you conveniently receive all key information on your smartphone or tablet computer.
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Optimise efficiency as well as animal well-being – smaXtec has the solution. Early notification enables you to take prompt action and improve the health and reproductive performance of your animals. Using the smaXtec system can also improve productivity on your dairy farm.
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It's hot outside! Our Climate Sensor helps you to monitor the temperature and take measures on time to alleviate heat stress of your cows!
It's hot outside! Our Climate Sensor helps you to monitor the temperature and take measures on time to alleviate heat stress of your cows!
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smaXtec BASIC

For heat & calving detection and basic individual health monitoring.


For optimized feeding, reproduction management and comprehensive improvement of your herd's health status.

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News & Stories

Testimonial video from the UK

Our partner Mole Valley Farmers and customer Austin Knowles talk about smaXtec and its benefits in this video. Watch it …


A look back at GFIA Europe 2017

The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture took place for the first time in Europe on 9 and 10 May. …


smaXtec at the Precision Dairy Conference 2017 Lexington, KY, USA / 31. May - 1. Jun 2017

We are already looking forward to our participation in the conference and expo on Precision Dairy Farming in Kentucky, USA …


smaXtec at the GFIA Europe Utrecht, Netherlands / 9 - 10 May 2017

We will have a booth at GFIA Europe in Utrecht, Netherlands on 9 & 10 May 2017.



The smaXtec Messenger app makes it easy to keep a close eye on everything when you’re on the move. Receive alert messages so you know if action needs to be taken or enter important information such as insemination or pregnancy details while you’re out on the farm.





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Lighthouse FARMS

Steve Middleton

Steve Middleton farms 240 cows and is persuaded as to the benefits of this type of technology on farm. He believes smaXtec boluses are less hassle than other automated heat detection systems and have the potential to maximise fertility in his block calving herd.
It’s a one off application. You don’t have to do it again, so there’s no changing collars or putting stickers on backs every 21 days – anything to make life easier and improve detection rates. The information is very easy to use. Having it in your pocket (on a phone app) alerts you all the time so you don’t have to physically go to the computer.


Lallemand uses smaXtec products all over the world in a variety of projects. The main focus here is on the monitoring of pH levels.
The smaXtec system enables us to understand several phenomena, which are often misunderstood or go utterly undetected.It allows the farm manager to make good choices and the right decisions and avoids time and money being wasted on the wrong issues. We can focus on real problems.

Research Center

smaXtec products have been used as part of many projects at the Agrinova research centre. The pH measurement technology is of particular value to the organisation, which works with a range of different farm in Canada.
smaXtec boluses identify acidosis problems before visible symptoms appear, so corrective action can be taken more rapidly and the effects of changes can be observed almost directly after they have been made.

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