So you always know how your animals are doing - wherever you happen to be. With the app, you conveniently receive all key information on your smartphone or tablet computer.
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Optimise efficiency as well as animal well-being – smaXtec has the solution. Early notification enables you to take prompt action and improve the health and reproductive performance of your animals. Using the smaXtec system can also improve productivity on your dairy farm.
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smaXtec BASIC

For heat & calving detection and basic individual health monitoring.


For optimized feeding, reproduction management and comprehensive improvement of your herd's health status.

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Subacute rumen acidosis: consequences and measures for preventing

As with many other diseases, it is better to prevent SARA than to have to cure it. The basis for preventing hyperacidity in the rumen and its secondary problems is ruminant-friendly feeding.


Subacute rumen acidosis: recurrent acidification in the rumen

Subacute rumen acidosis, commonly abbreviated to SARA, is a digestive disorder caused mainly by non-ruminant feed, in which the pH of the rumen drops to a level that is too low.


Draughts in the barn: major risk for calves and cows during the cold season

Draughts are an enemy of cows and calves in particular are extremely sensitive to them. Draughts weaken the immune system and increase morbidity of cows.


Healthy cows make all the difference: How we help improving animal health

The terms animal health and animal welfare are currently on everyone’s lips. Lately, consumers have also been discussing these topics very intensively.



The smaXtec Messenger enables you to keep track of your cows – even when you’re on the move. With the automatic alerts you’ll stay updated and can take targeted action whenever a cow needs your attention.

Sign up for our smaXtec Messenger and use the provided demo data to get familiar with our software – of course free of charge.

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As soon as you are registered you can use our mobile app available for iOS and Android.

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Lighthouse FARMS

Carl and Rachelle Moon

Dairy farmers from Australia, 150 cows
“It’s so simple – the animal tells us when it’s on heat or under stress and sends us an alert to our phone or office computer so we can take the appropriate action.”

Finja Tangermann

Farmer from Germany with 160 cows who uses smaXtec Basic Boluses
"I would recommend smaXtec to all farmers who love their cows!"

Cam Forbes

Dairy farmer manager from New Zealand, 600 cows
"Thanks to the smaXtec system we were able to treat the cow straight away before she was fully infected and showed clinical signs.”

smaXtec Partner

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