smaXtec Classic: Heat & Calving Detection, Health Monitoring

With smaXtec Classic you’re kept updated about the current heat and calving status of your animals and can keep a close eye on the drinking behavior, core body temperature and health status of each individual animal in real time.

smaXtec Classic ensures you always have the most important information about your animals at your fingertips. You’re kept fully updated about the current reproduction status of your cows – about the onset of heat or if a calf is due to be born. So you can take prompt action and stay on track.

MORE than traditional heat detection

smaXtec Classic is much more than just a traditional heat detection system. Continuous temperature measurements taken inside the animal enable further data to be collected and translated into valuable action items for you. Based on temperature measurements, you know if your cows are drinking sufficiently and are immediately informed if there’s something wrong with one of your animals – often long before there are any visible signs or indications. Thanks to the alerts you can look for causes sooner and take appropriate targeted action – this enables development of serious disease to be avoided and means medication can be reduced.

The continuous temperature and activity measurement enables time saved on routine work to be spent on animal care. Precise heat and calving detection as well as health monitoring can, depending on the initial situation on the farm, provide significant cost savings.


  • Automatic and reliable heat detection
  • Calving management support through detection of onset of calving
  • Monitoring of water intake
  • Comprehensive monitoring of activity levels
  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Early detection of signs of heat stress
  • Individual health information and early detection of onset of illness



Classic Bolus

Click here for all information on the smaXtec Classic Bolus and its fields of application.


Click here for technical details of the smaXtec Classic Bolus.


  • Better conception rates and reduction in days open thanks to automatic estrus detection
  • Calving alerts are sent on average 6 to 36 hours before the onset of calving, enabling any necessary provisions to be put in place making the whole process smoother and easier
  • The strong correlation between water and feed uptake means irregularities are immediately identified based on water intake monitoring
  • Core body temperature can be accessed in real-time
  • Prompt measures can be taken to alleviate heat stress to improve both animal health and performance
  • The combination of activity and rumen temperature monitoring enables faster detection of the onset of illness compared with other systems. This enables action to be taken at a very early stage.
  • You can upgrade from smaXtec Classic to smaXtec pH Plus at any time

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What our customers SAY

“It’s so simple – the animal tells us when it’s on heat or under stress and sends us an alert to our phone or office computer so we can take the appropriate action.”
Carl and Rachelle Moon,
farmers, 150 cows

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