Finja Tangermann

Farmer from Germany with 160 cows who uses smaXtec Classic

For Finja Tangermann and her parents, the smaXtec system offers many advantages. Since the installation some key figures have already improved significantly. For example, there are less days open and cows’ age when they are first inseminated is now significantly lower, as heats in heifers can be detected much faster. In addition, prior to using smaXtec, it was difficult for the  family to detect silent heats. Now the bolus takes over the heat detection and additionally calculates an individual insemination window.

The favorite function of Finja Tangermann is health monitoring, as sick cows can be detected and treated at an early stage before clinical symptoms even become visible. Consequently, money and working time can be saved and the usage of antibiotics can be reduced. A temperature alarm generated by smaXtec already enabled cyst cows to be recognized in the herd and treated accordingly.

Finja Tangermann recommends the smaXtec system to “every farmer who loves his cows”, as the system does not only help to increase profits, improve key figures and make better use of working time, but is also the reason why the cows are healthier than before. In addition, her social life has changed very much for the better. Finja Tangermann can now enjoy her free time much more, because she always knows how her cows are doing, even when she is not at home.

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What our customers SAY

"I would recommend smaXtec to all farmers who love their cows!"
Finja Tangermann,
farmer, 160 cows

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