smaXtec pH Plus: Feed, Reproduction & Health Management

In addition to monitoring reproduction and individual health status, smaXtec pH Plus also ensures you have a clear overview of the feeding status of your animals and of the health status of the entire herd.

You’re planning feed changes but are unsure about which ration best meets your cows’ needs? Or maybe you suspect that there are some improvements to be made by adjusting the ration formulation but you’re unsure how you can make best use of them?

CUSTOMIZE feeding to meet animal needs

This is where smaXtec pH Plus can help: in addition to temperature and activity monitoring, the smart smaXtec pH Plus Boluses also measure rumen pH. This provides you with immediate insights into the effects of feeding. You also receive important information about rumen health as well as about conditions in the cow shed such as feed push-up frequency.


smaXtec pH Plus offers all functions of smaXtec Clasic. Additionally, it measures rumen pH, enabling optimised feed and health management and improving the health status of your herd.

  • Monitoring and safeguarding of rumen health
  • Optimised feed management
  • Increase in feed efficiency (IOFC = Income Over Feed Cost) through improved feed conversion ratios
  • Mobilization of unused performance potential through energy-richer rations without impacting animal health
  • Needs-oriented ration (monitoring of ration changes, feedstuff selection)
  • More information about animal health

For 6 - 10 %
of your herd

Using the smaXtec Premium bolus in 6 to 10% of the herd enables you to draw conclusions about the rumen health of all your animals.

pH Plus Bolus

Click here to learn everything about the pH Plus Bolus and its fields of application.


Click here for technical details of the smaXtec pH Plus Bolus.


  • Increased milk yield through optimisation of feed uptake
  • Savings on feed costs (increase in feed efficiency due to improved feed conversion ratios)
  • Reduction in medication and treatment costs
  • No additional effort required compared with smaXtec Basic (operation, installation, data evaluation)
  • Use of existing basic infrastructure – upgrade to smaXtec Premium without additional investment costs
  • Unique analysis options provided by combination of data on rumen pH, temperature and activity levels
  • Representative use of sensors enables conclusions to be drawn about the status of the herd

What our customers SAY

"smaXtec is one of the biggest positive changes in livestock management.”
Richard Guy, farmer, 125 cows

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smaXtec pH Plus: Feed, Reproduction & Health Management Media

smaXtec pH Plus Bolus activation & calibration

This video will lead you through the activation and calibration process of smaXtec pH Plus boluses.

Bolus administration

Watch this video to get an overview of all necessary steps for bolus administration.

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