The new smaXtec App for iOS and Android

Finally, the new smaXtec App is available for download! We have gathered the feedback of our customers over the last few months and worked hard to come up with an improved software solution.

Here’s an overview of the most important improvements:


The new app is a lot faster and better performing than the current version. You will notice a massive improvement when working with it.

Offline mode

No internet connection on your mobile phone? No problem! Enter events such as calvings in the new offline mode.


You want to watch a cow more closely? Add her to the Watchlist and keep the perfect overview.


Perform actions on multiple cows simultaneously, for example adding inseminations for multiple cows easily.

Serial number scanner

Add new animals quickly with the serial number scanner. The new scan function makes the process much easier: Scan the serial number directly from the bolus using your mobile phone camera. Afterwards, you only have to enter the remaining required animal data.

With the new smaXtec App almost every task can be carried out on your smartphone. Access to the smaXtec Web Application is only required in a few cases.

The app can be downloaded in the App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android).

We hope you enjoy the new app as much as we do. Have fun exploring the new app. If you would like to learn more about the smaXtec app, click here.

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