Healthy cows make all the difference: How we help improving animal health

The terms animal health and animal welfare are currently on everyone’s lips. Lately, consumers have also been discussing these topics very intensively . But what factors affect animal health? How does animal health relate to feeding and fertility of cows? And what measures can be taken by farmers to improve them?

Each of these questions will be answered in the following article. In addition, it will be shown how smaXtec makes animal health and animal welfare measurable.

Animal health – the basis for success

Healthy cows are the basis for an economically successful farm. In order to improve or ensure animal health, farmers must always keep an eye on their cows in order to be able to intervene early in the event of any occurring health problems and thereby prevent serious illnesses. Many problems can be identified and solved early on through good observation and support, but changed farm structures and sizes do not always allow for the ideal level of individual animal care. There are of course many different technologies available that help farmers with their work and help them to ensure both animal health and performance.

Advantages of continuous measurement with smaXtec boluses

By continuously measuring and interpreting data from the rumen, farmers know how their animals are doing all the time. By combining different parameters such as body temperature and activity, individual health information can be provided to the farmer to help him detect disease at an early stage. The risk of serious disease progression can be reduced due to measures taken at an early stage and thus, the use of medication such as antibiotics can be reduced. The use of the smaXtec system therefore significantly helps to ensure and improve animal health.

What factors affect the health of the cows?

Optimum housing conditions, fresh air, an easily accessible feed table, a 1:1 animal-to-feeding place ratio, clean troughs, a pleasant stable climate and soft lying areas ensure well-being and create the right conditions for healthy animals. In recent years, milk yield has increased significantly and with increasing milk yield, the risk for various production diseases has also risen considerably. Examples of such diseases are mastitis, claw diseases, cysts, inflammation of the uterus, postnatal behavior and milk fever. For this reason, it is even more important to closely observe dairy cows and to create a suitable environment for them.

Stress has a particularly strong and negative impact on the animals’ health. The decline in feed intake and performance just some examples of the consequences of stress. Cow monitoring systems help farmers recognize stress at an early stage. The smaXtec bolus measures different parameters, which are also influenced by stress. If, for example, smaXtec detects a change in the activity level of a cow, this can already be a sign of stress. Other factors which are signs of an abnormal state of health, such as feeding and drinking problems, can also be detected by the smaXtec system

But it is not just the smaXtec bolus that provides information on animal welfare. The smaXtec Climate Sensor also helps to detect stress and discomfort and improve animal health. The Climate Sensor measures temperature and humidity in the barn and automatically calculates the THI (Temperature Humidity Index). In combination with the data from the smaXtec boluses reliable conclusions can be drawn on heat stress and relevant action can be taken immediately.


Better fertility through increased animal health

Healthy animals are not only more efficient, but also more fertile. Fertility disorders are not uncommon in modern dairy farming. Many different factors affect the fertility process. Fertility problems rarely have a genetic basis. Environmental factors and diseases have a much greater influence. Deficiencies in husbandry and feeding, inadequate management, too short waiting periods after calving, poor climatic conditions, delayed drying out, but also diseases such as metabolic disorders and claw diseases affect animal health and consequently fertility. If a cow shows an irregular cycle, smaXtec notifies the farmer enabling checks to be made and relevant action to be taken.

Are you interested in using smaXtec on your farm to benefit from the various functions related to animal health? Then contact us today!


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