Fertility disorders in dairy cows: Consequences and how to detect them earlier

Which financial losses are caused by fertility problems and how can the smaXtec system help detect them?

Causes of fertility problems in dairy cows and the most common resulting diseases were already discussed in the last article. This time, we will look at the effects of fertility disorders. In addition, it will be shown how the smaXtec system can help you to detect fertility disorders at an early stage.

Results of infertility problems

It has been shown that around 30% of dairy cows have to be removed from farms due to fertility problems, which has enormous financial consequences. [1] Huge financial expenses can, for example, result from multiple inseminations due to fertility disorders. The costs are increased up to three times that of“normal” inseminations due to more days open (longer period of time between two calvings), a reduced pregnancy rate and treatment of the relevant disease. [2]

The consequences of more days open can be broken down as follows: each day that is open longer than the specified target number of days costs a farmer between two and five euros of lost milk money per day. Grossed up to an extension of days open to 21 days (of unused heat) can therefore mean a loss of up to 105€. [3]

Early detection thanks to the smaXtec system

For the farm it is important to detect disturbances in fertility or animal health at an early stage in order to act quickly and take targeted action. Many problems can be solved in good time with good observation and support, however, changed farm structures and sizes do not always allow for the ideal level of individual animal care. [3]

This is where the smaXtec system comes into the equation: thanks to the measurement of the activity and temperature parameters and the associated notifications, farmers can intervene at an early stage and avoid the onset of serious illnesses. An optimal cycle lasts 21 days. If the number of days differs then an unregular cycle prevails. The smaXtec system is able to recognize irregular cycles and automatically shifts animals with such measurements to the group “suspicious cycle”. This shows the farmer that there is a possibility of a fertility disorder or a disease, monitoring is required and measures might need to be taken. The smaXtec system not only provides information about possible fertility disorders but can also detect heats precisely by measuring temperature and activity and also indicates the ideal insemination period. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a successful insemination.

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