The smaXtec infrastructure comprises all necessary equipment and devices for data transmission and provides additional information about conditions in the barn.

The Installation Kit enables all measured data to be read out and made available to you. It comprises the following devices:

  • smaXtec Base Station for data transmission
  • smaXtec Repeater for extension of the wireless network
  • smaXtec Climate Sensor for measurement of temperature and humidity in the barn

The smaXtec Base Station reads out data that comes from the sensors and transmits it to the smaXtec server. It is permanently connected to the internet via an integrated SIM card. In the unlikely case that there is insufficient network coverage on the farm, it can also be connected to the internet via ethernet cable.

The wireless network can be extended with the use of smaXtec Repeaters, which enable coverage of various areas of the cow shed. This provides continuous read-out of the data and ensures optimum functioning of our Inside Monitoring solutions.

smaXtec Climate Sensors are used to keep an eye on environmental factors. They measure temperature and humidity levels in the cow shed and enable, for example, early identification of heat stress risk.

Let smaXtec ease your workload

Measurement of the parameters and data transmission is fully automatic – you are informed via smaXtec Messenger if action is required. For more information, visit smaXtec Messenger.

for you!

Depending on your barn's size the right number of read-out devices will be determined to make sure that you always have the most recent data.


  • Plug & play system with integrated internet connection and intuitive handling
  • Maintenance-free equipment with remote support and service
  • Additional important information about conditions in the barn

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Installation smaXtec Base Station

Installation smaXtec Repeater

Installation smaXtec Climate Sensor

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