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smaXtec Messenger is the system’s information center where all cow and herd data and any recommended actions are available. All of this information is available and accessible at all times – both via the app as well in the browser.

smaXtec Messenger is an automatic alert messaging system, which immediately informs you if any action is required. You are informed in real time of any significant changes in the health status of your animals or if there are events such as calving that require your attention. smaXtec Messenger can be used on any device with internet access and a free of charge app is available for iOS and Android.

Focus on the important things – with the smaXtec Messenger dashboard

With the smaXtec dashboard you see by glancing at the Action List which animals require your attention and which actions need to be taken as soon as possible. In addition, the Reproduction Status and Health Status fields provide comprehensive information about the current status and development of the herd.

You can make sure you’ll always up-to-date by receiving notifications via push notification (app) or via email.

The measurement data can, if the user so wishes, be shared with other people – for example veterinarians or feed advisors. This enables optimum use to be made of the available data.

In order to offer our customers a state-of-the-art solution, our system is continuously developed. And of course, all our customers profit from these innovative improvements to the system – software updates are always available to all our users.

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Overview of

  • Retrieval of stored physiological data from the smaXtec server
  • Data can be shared with veterinarians, advisors or staff
  • Automatic notification messages via e-mail or to mobile device (iOS, Android)
  • Reduced workload for farm managers
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring of your herd
  • Easy access to smaXtec support

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smaXtec Messenger

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