Inside Monitoring

We have recognized that the rumen is ideally suited as a reliable site for the continuous recording of high-quality data. We therefore record the cows’ key physiological data using boli located directly in the reticulum. The Inside Monitoring sensor positioning provides numerous benefits for the farmer and the animals.

The award-winning smaXtec Inside technology enables easy monitoring of your animals. Our sensors in bolus-form only need to be administered once and operate fully automatically and do not require any maintenance. Data is automatically wirelessly transmitted as soon as the animals are in the vicinity of the read-out devices.

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Not only does the smaXtec Inside Monitoring system have the bonus of being maintenance-free – the positioning of the bolus in the cow’s intraruminal system enables the collection and recording of reliable high-quality data. There are no exterior influencing factors that can falsify measurement results. The monitoring of drinking behavior as well as the continuous measurement of core body temperature without any falsification of results due to external influences is only possible due to the use of a bolus. Measurement of pH levels included in smaXtec Premium can also only be carried out in the rumen.

Inside Monitoring offers numerous benefits

Due to the positioning of the sensor, we only measure direct parameters, which enables immediate conclusions to be drawn about the health status of your animals. Customers particularly appreciate the exceptional accuracy of the data delivered by the smaXtec system.


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